Brad Lare

Bradford J. Lare, Founder

Bradford Lare is one of Pennsylvania’s leading community association, multi-family and commercial real estate attorneys.

In 25 years of running his own law practice, representing developers, owner-operators, and management companies, as well as condominium, community and homeowner associations, Brad has gained a scope and breadth of experience which serves his clients well. Many have benefited from Brad’s advice and counsel over a quarter century of inevitable market cycles.

Brad regularly appears before planning and zoning boards, as well as other administrative bodies and agencies. He brings his practical experience and business acumen to bear in the context of risk assessment and management generally and specifically when zoning, land use or environmental issues arise out of due diligence analyses.

Mr. Lare provides clients with creative solutions to accomplish their business goals, and his results-oriented approach helps expedite the process when disputes arise, towards the end settling efficiently and effectively. When settlement is not feasible, Brad provides aggressive advocacy, through judgment and collection, in pursuit of the goal of making the client whole.

Brad presently serves as Community Association Board Attorney for one of Pennsylvania’s largest community associations, with over 1500 units and over 3,000 residents. He has attended and advised the Community Association Master Board at over 150 monthly board meetings since 1999, and currently represents over 4,000 Pennsylvania Community Association unit owners.