Creative. Efficient. Decisive.

LareDiaz lawyers advise on sophisticated issues with extraordinary responsiveness.

We understand the client’s perspective and know that counsel must respond to clients’ real needs in real time. We synchronize our availability, responsiveness and communication with our clients to execute a common plan to accomplish business goals creatively and efficiently. We provide seamless, coordinated services to our clients, whatever the demands of the transaction.

We are a tightly-knit group of professionals dedicated to providing clients with constructive solutions to accomplish their business goals. Comprised of fierce advocates and relentless negotiators, the Firm prides itself on taking the most direct and practical path to closing.

The LareDiaz team achieves economic efficiency and speed of execution through strategic staffing and allocation of responsibility. We tap into expertise from multiple disciplines both within and outside the field of law. The resulting expanded foundation informs the counsel we provide and sharpens our negotiation in all aspects of our practice and service to you, our clients.

Clients trust us with their business because they know we understand it.Eric Diaz, Managing Partner

Bradford J Lare
Founder and Partner

Eric Diaz
Founder and Partner